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Sociological study "Social profile of a first-year student of the Stavropol state agrarian University"

Department of sociological research and marketing of the Centre for quality management of education held the seminar-meeting with participation of Deputy deans for educational work on issues of organization of electronic survey of first-year students – "Social portrait of students".

Every year, the student community updated with the freshmen and from which the youth comes in a socio-cultural space of the University depend the future achievements of the University and strengthening its positive image in the city and region. That is why it is important to know who today joined the ranks of the students of the agricultural University and to put the emphasis in educational work at the faculties.

This year the survey will be held from September, 26 to October, 3 2016 and will be conducted through personal accounts of students, which makes it possible to work with information.

In the course of the seminar-meeting with the Deputy deans on educational work also considers the results of participation of the Stavropol GAU in the all-Russian monitoring "Staffing of AIC of Russia", which was organized by the Russian Union of rural youth, together with the Russian popular front.

According to the results of a survey of students of 3-4 years of the University in each faculty depending on the specific areas of training are suggested to increase the capabilities of graduates to employment and self-employment in the current conditions of the regional labour market. 

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