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First-year students expressed their views about the school student activists "Youth leader SSAU – 2017"

Department of sociological and marketing research Center for quality management of education at the final stage of the project "Youth leader SSAU – 2017" held a survey of first-year students. The aim of the study was to determine the level of student satisfaction with participation in the school student activists "Youth leader SSAU – 2017".

430 freshmen in the pages of the questionnaires, shared their impressions about the quality of the school asset, aimed at the development of collectivism, unity, common interests, friendship, expanding the circle of communication of students.

Events organized in the framework of the school student activists for freshmen, became a real start for successful self-realization and development initiatives of students, and in General for dynamic entry of young recruits (yesterday's students) in the social life of the University.

The results of the study will be presented to the leadership of the Stavropol GAU at a regular meeting of the rectorate.

The participants ' views of the school student activists made during the survey will serve as a basis to develop proposals for improving work with students of Stavropol state agricultural University. 

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