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The quality of educational programs is the quality of training of graduates of the Stavropol GAU: exploring the opinion of employers

On October, 23 2017 a working meeting of the Center for quality management of education and heads of educational programs in the Stavropol GAU held a meeting. It was dedicated to the organization's processes, exploring the views of employers, leading specialists of enterprises and organizations – partners of the University, on the conditions, content, organization and quality of the educational process as a whole, individual subjects (modules) and practices in undergraduate and graduate programs.

The meeting was held by E. V. Khokhlova, head of the Center for quality management of education, which emphasized the place and role of assessments of the professional community in the improvement of educational programs and the systematic training of the University to the state accreditation 2020.

Head of Department of sociological researches and marketing and V. A. Ivashova, informed the leaders of educational programs at the University and Vice deans on educational work of faculties about the methodology and the timing of the survey of employers and professionals.

During the meeting were also discussed the possibilities of ensuring the qualitative improvement of educational programs based on employers' expectations regarding competencies of workers in a particular profession and specific job level.

The results of the study will be discussed at the educational-methodical commissions of the faculties and submitted to the leadership of the Stavropol GAU during the academic year.

The views of employers expressed in the survey will serve as a basis for improving the educational programs of the Stavropol State Agrarian University. 

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