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Knowledge of a foreign language - the key to professional success


The Training Centre "Language Forum" prepared a new program of professional retraining "Translator in professional communications."

In recent decades, foreign languages became really popular, which greatly increases motivation to learn them. Specialist speaking several languages has a better chance of getting an appropriate education and job both in our country and in the international market. Knowledge of foreign language today is not just an advantage - it has become a necessity. Studying and improvement of foreign language is one of the ways to increase competitiveness on the labor market. The methodological basis of the new program "Translator in professional communications" developed in the Institute of supplementary education of FSBEI HO “Stavropol state agrarian university” is the competence approach which enables forming professional skills of future translators. It consists of a set of communicative, social, personal and psychological and social competencies and enables the effective cross-language, intercultural, interpersonal professional communication. The program is intended for a category of students successfully mastered the course on B1-B2 level according to the European language competence scale.

Students who successfully completed training program "Translator in professional communications" and gained knowledge on practical foreign language courses, must master spelling, orthoepic, lexical, grammatical and stylistic rules of foreign language and their implementation with regard to the text activity to carry out intercultural communication in the area of the main professional activity.

Length of training translators in the field of professional communication is two years, and on its completion students receive a diploma of professional retraining of FSBEI HO «Stavropol SAU».   

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