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Goals and objectives

International Cooperation Mission SSAU - construction of an internationally-oriented university, integration into the international educational and scientific space cherezrasshirenie ties with the best foreign universities and research organizations, as well as through participation in international educational and research projects.

Strategic goal international development SSAU:

- the establishment of the university as a scientific and educational center of world-class:

- the leader of the process of integration of Russian higher education into European and international educational space;

- partner for the most prestigious foreign universities, international programs and organizations, companies, multinational corporations;

- Member of the most significant programs and projects of international associations and organizations;

- University attractive for foreign students and teachers.

Tasks of the Department of International Relations:

-implementation of international educational and research programs and projects;

- organization of training and practice abroad for students, graduate students and faculty members;

- participation in the international integration process of agrarian high schools into the global educational community;

- holding of international scientific conferences and seminars;

- обучение и стажировки иностранных студентов, аспирантов и специалистов;

- attract international investment in development of the university.