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In agricultural practice in 2016 LOGO Students can participate following departments:

  • Agrobiology and land (except land cadastre)
  • veterinary medicine
  • mechanization / x
  • technology management
  • Ecology and Landscape Architecture (other than landscaping)
  • Economic (only agribusiness economics)
  • electricity (only power in s/x)
  • graduate students of agricultural specialties

In selecting students can participate with 3 semester (2nd year), which at the time of departure to Germany will be able to from your university to close the session.


Duration 6 months of practice, there is a possibility of extending the practice of 6 months from the change of the enterprise. Under the contract, students are working at the enterprises of 40 hours a week to afford a monthly stipend of 250 euros. All processing is charged separately (free time or money not less than 4 euros per hour processed). Students have practice during paid leave for 7 days. During practice will be held 3 workshops (two workshops: introductory and final 3 days and one seminar on peculiarities of a / v Germany - 6 days). LOGO bears partial travel expenses of students. Upon successful completion of the practice of each student receives 150 euros to partially cover their expenses on the road in Russia. Each participant practices should not suffer from chronic diseases. During practice, all students have health insurance and the right to medical treatment in Germany. insurance costs assumes LOGO.


The selection can engage students to learn any foreign language. At the first interview proficiency results do not affect necessary knowledge investigated professions (depending on the course), and outlook. Knowledge of the German language will be important for the second selection. Until that time, students will have the opportunity to learn some German. To participate in the practice, it is desirable (but not mandatory!) To have a driver's license and / or rights to the tractor. Exam (test driving) during the selection will not take place. The first selection of the practice consists of 2 parts: a written test (it writes all students at the same time) and an oral interview with each student individually (10-15 minutes). The results will be announced immediately. Interested students apply to be responsible for the international activities of the Faculty or Department of International Relations SSAU (Faculty of mechanization / x, office. 411, 412. tel .: 35-59-80).

For more information about participation in the program, please contact:

On the official site: http://www.logoev.de/ru/
In the Department of International Relations SSAU
FMSKH Auditorium 411, 412.
Phone 35-59-80
Site: http://vk.com/oms_stgau_logo