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Prospects for the development of international activities SSAU

1. The implementation of the programs of academic mobility development, exchange of students and teachers with universities of Germany, USA, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Great Britain, China, Japan, India
2. The active involvement of the university in the implementation of various measures by international organizations and foundations. Currently SSAU cooperates with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Stavropol Territory on the basis of SSAU seminars of the World Bank Institute, the meeting of business circles of foreign countries, but it is necessary to develop cooperation with the UN, OSCE, UNESCO, the Council of Europe, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Labour organization, the European Commission, the European Training Foundation and other international organizations.
3. The organization of visits and presentations to university audiences of leading politicians and public figures from different countries of the world, heads of foreign policy departments.
4. The organization SSAU entry into the European Association of Universities, the Association of International Studies, and others, that will contribute to the development of professional contacts at the highest level, the dissemination of the latest pedagogical and scientific achievements, which are then implemented in the educational process.
5. Participation in competitions for the development of the international mobility of researchers, students and post-graduate students ( "Seventh Framework EU Programme", German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, "Chevening", "Fund Hill", Erasmus Mundus, Fulbright).
6. Conduct joint bilateral and multilateral student conferences and seminars, bilateral study visits.
7. The development of distance learning network on economic disciplines together with agricultural universities in Slovakia and Belgium, on topical issues of veterinary medicine and agribusiness - the United States.
8. Active collaboration with universities in the Asian region (China, India, Iran, Kazakhstan), the Eastern European region (Romania, Poland, Hungary), projects for the exchange of students and teachers.

Conduct in SSAU "Days of Culture" in Germany, USA, China, the Netherlands, Slovakia, France and other countries of the world, the organization of sporting events and other activities that contribute to the establishment of friendly contacts between representatives of different nations, a better understanding of their cultural traditions and peculiarities.