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APOLLO (Association in cooperation in agriculture, environment and rural development in Eastern Europe) since 1991, participates in a student exchange between Russia and Germany, installs and maintains contacts between the universities of these countries in the areas of agriculture, biology, geography and geology .

APOLLO - a non-profit organization which does not profit interns, and all work is carried out with the consent and at the expense of the financial support of the Ministry of Agriculture of Germany. Employees are often the APOLLO German students studying Russian language, or past practice in Russia. Many of them work with the students on a voluntary basis, without receiving material reward.


  • the expansion of knowledge in the field of agriculture in Germany;
  • obtaining practical experience in agriculture;
  • study of the German language;
  • familiarity with the culture of the German people;
  • the opportunity to meet with students from different Russian cities.

Agricultural practice in Germany - is:

  • 4 months of work at the same enterprise, from late May to late September;
  • Theory and practice in small, medium or large farms in Germany.
  • The practice, which require in-depth knowledge and skills. Regardless of your specialization, you must be prepared for a variety of activities that must be performed in practice.
  • Working without a clear specific working hours, possibly on weekends depending on the season, the type of work performed.
  • When you do not pay should stand for you in the first place (out of pocket expenses trainee receives 250 Euro per month), and, above all, a desire and willingness to learn more new and consolidate their knowledge in the field of agriculture.
  • Knowledge of and open to other cultures and ways of life that are in different regions of Germany are very diverse.
  • Training seminars with a visit to the advanced, innovative agricultural enterprises.


  • Students interested in farming and successfully enrolled in the 3rd year (bachelor degree), 3 or 4 course (specialty), and Masters (1 year of study) and graduate students (1st and 2nd year of study);
  • Having experience in agriculture (animals, machinery or plant);
  • Informed of the agriculture situation in Russia in order to objectively assess the situation of agriculture in Germany;
  • German-speaking relatively high (especially for the second selection), t. To. It is necessary not only for quick understanding, but also to enrich their knowledge in the field of agriculture.

The first step to participate is an electronic registration for submission of applications page ( http://bewerbung.apollo-online.de/ ), as well as all the data required for admission to the system.

If you do not have time up to November 2, 2015, for valid reasons, fill out the application, you can come in for an interview, and we will consider your participation.

For more information about participation in the program, please contact:

In the Department of International Relations SSAU
FMSKH Auditorium 411, 412.
Phone 35-59-80
На сайте: http://vk.com/oms_stgau_apollo