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Rural tourism is national concept of hospitality industry


Today in Stavropol Agrarian University opened a scientific and practical conference "State and prospects of rural tourism development in the Russian Federation."The conference was attended by heads and specialists of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, Ministry of Culture of Russia, Federal Agency of Tourism, the regional authorities, centers of agricultural counseling, educational institutions of higher and secondary education.As part of the conference in Stavropol Agrarian University was held an exhibition of handicrafts, there were expositions of Zoological Reserve "Alexandrovskoye", Stavropol stud farm № 170. Guests with songs greeted creative Cossack groups. Nekrasov Cossacks staged a "live" demonstration area which attracted the attention of visitors from other regions of Russia.Plenary scientific conference was opened by Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Elena Astrakhantseva, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Stavropol Territory, the Minister of Agriculture of Stavropol Territory Vladimir Sitnikov and rector of Stavropol State Agrarian University Vladimir Trukhachev.Elena Astrakhantseva noted that one of the main conditions for the transition of the Russian economy to a socially oriented type of management is to create conditions for improving the quality of life of the population, including through the development of infrastructure of the tourism industry, as well as ensuring the quality, availability and competitiveness of local tourist services.Vladimir Trukhachev warmly welcomed the participants of the forum on the hospitable land of Stavropol. He noted that agroturists forum is part of a complex of measures on development of tourism in the South of Russia and the North Caucasus Federal District and significant and extraordinary event. International experience has shown that rural tourism can be a powerful driver of economic and cultural development of the village and it is very important that experts from other regions: the Altai Territory, Orenburg and Belgorod regions - members of forum can share their knowledge and experience. Stavropol State Agrarian University develops the areas of training of specialists for the industry of tourism and recreational facilities, the implementation in practice of the advanced technologies of service, effective use of scientific potential in the formation of the modern market of organic food. Agricultural University has a lot of to show and to surprise.Opening the plenary session, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Stavropol Territory Irina Kuvaldina stopped at the state and prospects of development of rural tourism in the Stavropol Territory. She noted that the Stavropol Territory has a high tourist and recreational potential. On its territory are concentrated unique natural and recreational resources, objects of national cultural and historical heritage, are important economic, cultural, social and sporting events. The presence of variety of tourist and recreational resources of the territory allows us to develop almost all types of tourism, including recreational cultural, educational, business, active, wellness and eco-tourism, and - rural tourism.About the insights and experiences of Stavropol State Agrarian University in training for rural tourism organization told the Head of the Department of Tourism and Service of Agricultural University Alexander Trukhachev. Training is an important task for the tourism industry and is one of the priorities of the University. It is aimed at training managers of the new formation that can and are able to adapt quickly to market conditions, possess modern technology management, marketing in rural tourism.The forum has three discussion platforms. Director of "Federal Centre for Agricultural counseling and retraining of agriculture" Olga Melentyeva held a round table on the theme: "The role of agricultural extension centers in the development of rural tourism." Participants of the meeting discussed a number of issues. The development of sustainable rural tourism involves solving a whole range of issues: the creation of ecological tourism product, the rational use of natural and cultural heritage of the region, taking into account the interests of the local economy based on cooperation and mutual enrichment, support entrepreneurship, encourage the development of businesses related to rural tourism, the involvement of the population in development of tourism, linking the interests of businesses and residents on the basis of partnership and mutually beneficial cooperation. Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology Policy and Education of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia Olga Ovsyannikova held a panel discussion on the theme: "Training of rural tourism: state and directions of perfection." In a number of countries agro-tourism is one of the leading areas of the tourism industry, which is reflected in the national concept of the development of tourism and training for work in the industry. The participants of the round table were presented the conceptual model of training of qualified specialists for the recreational facilities of the Russian Federation. One important component of the development of rural tourism is a training system. Training and retraining of specialists for a specific sphere of tourism as rural, has the ability to be implemented through the participation in training programs, as well as various expert seminars in the framework of international project activity, a workshop for the students of specialized educational institutions. Development of the training system of rural tourism will improve the quality of tourist services as an essential element for the development of services in rural areas, will expand rural employment and will create new jobs. Deputy Head of the Department of Rural Development and Social Policy Ministry of Agriculture of Russia Anastasia Nikitina held a round table on the theme: "The role of rural tourism in the socio-economic development of the village." A villager is not able to independently carry out marketing activities to promote their product to market. This problem is one of the most important. Professional training will allow to accumulate offer for tourists in terms of accommodation, event management, tourist attractions, and make them available to travel agencies and direct customers. During a tour around the University participants visited the University, the faculty of socio-cultural service and tourism, unique research laboratories, academic buildings, social facilities. The first day of the conference has finished with the student concert "I am proud of you, my native land!"

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