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"AgriForum" has started successfully.


On October, 29 the Stavropol State Agrarian University became the working site for the First international agricultural investment forum "Agriforum – 2015". In its framework the major players of the agro-industrial complex of the South of Russia has begun to discuss the implementation of the import substitution policy and investment in the industry in the new economic reality.

The forum was attended by more than 200 Russian and foreign companies. Among them: "Yug Rusi", "Stavropolous", "O'KEY”, “Magnit", "Current-agro", "Rostselmash", "Rosselkhozbank", "Solvay", "Adam Rus", "AWETA", "Bauer", "Griba Vivai", "Plattenhart&Wirt", "Maisadour", "Unitec". In the forum participated the heads of several Russian regions, Ministers, heads of departments of agro-industrial and economic profile.

A large-scale event was attended by business representatives of France, Holland, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, Azerbaijan and other countries. Presents of foreign business circles in the forum is the confirmation that despite some cooling in diplomatic relations between Russian and Europe, representatives of foreign businesses are still interested in working in Russia, developing partnerships with promising in terms of economic development regions.

According to the Governor of Stavropol territory Vladimir Vladimirov: "Today's forum is a clear indication that the business is alien to the boundaries of political ambitions." He considers the first non-budget forum, organized on the basis of the best agricultural University of the country, an excellent platform for discussion of communication between all stakeholders and expressed the hope that "AgriFoum" will become permanent, with very high all-Russian and European status.

The event is organised and funded by sponsors, including major manufacturers of irrigation systems – international group "Naan Dan Jain" and "Bauer". The main organizer of the forum is British consulting company "Vostock Capital" with the support of the Government of Stavropol territory.

Opening the meeting, Governor V. V. Vladimirov expressed his gratitude to the many participants and organizers of the forum, including the Head of the "Vostock Capital" Oksana Fedoseyeva, the Rector of the Stavropol State Agrarian University Vladimir Truhachev arrived and the heads of the regions.

"AgriForum" has an important mission – to close the circle of interest, in order to scale the business, aimed at developing agribusiness in Southern Russia.

Passed only the first few sessions. Their moderators were:

– Deputy Chairman of the Government of Stavropol territory, Minister of economic development of Stavropol Region Andrei Murga (key session "Strategy of the producers and the government, investment and regulatory regime");

– Executive Director of the analytical center "SovEcon" Andrei Sizov (discussion "the Government, investors and the agricultural holdings", where Vladimir Sitnikov, the Minister of agriculture of Stavropol region made a report).

The Chairman of the Government of Stavropol region Nikolay Velikdan introduced an agricultural investment project in the South of Russia.

As it was noted by the participants, the event was essential and very useful. It has special efficiency, very serious analytical approaches and the sharp intensity of the discussion. This is understandable, because during the forum, heads of companies, representatives of authorities, experts have formulated approaches to strategy of development of the industry in the changed economic and geopolitical situation and define plans for the implementation of investment projects for 2015-2017, and already are able to sign contracts with Russian and international suppliers of services, technologies and equipment.

At the end of the first day the forum will unfold a specialized round tables "Laboratory of ideas" on priority directions of development of the domestic agriculture – crops and livestock. The issues of scientific support, technology, irrigation and plant protection products, the participants will discuss under the leadership of Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Stavropol territory Vasily Yegorov, acute topics – competitiveness, the production of milk and meat processing – under the leadership of the Director General of the National swine Union Yuri Kovalev.

On October, 30 the First International Agricultural Investment Forum "Agriforum – 2015" will continue its work.

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