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About program

About the program

International Program AgriMBA is focused on those who are involved in farm management sphere. The aim of the course is to promote managerial competence through:

• receiving of specialized knowledge and understanding of the interaction of the various elements of agrobusiness;

• practical application of advanced knowledge received during the training period;

• business and social contacts.

Benefits of the program:

• it gives the opportunity to receive simultaneously the Russian state diploma and the diploma of Wageningen University, recognized as the best institution on the basis of the Netherlands in 2011;

• it is the exclusive program of MBA (Master of Business Administration) in the south of Russia;

• the training is conducted by professors of Wageningen University and Stavropol State Agrarian University;

• the mode of study is part-time on a commercial enterprise, under the terms of the agreement with the Dutch side a significant discount in the employment of the first admission set is provided;

• flextime with the use of distance learning methods.

Description of the program:

• acquirement of the latest knowledge, methods and technologies of agrobusiness, getting the foundations of organization, development, finance, and legal support of new business in agroindustrial complex;

• study of international experience in the field of economics, management, marketing and logistics, development of international knowledge in accounting and financial management;

• improving of business English;

• internships on enterprises in the Netherlands.

Course structure

Duration of study: 2 years.

Extra-mural courses in a modular format with the use of distance technologies:

• it gives the opportunity to learn, not to get distracted from the core business for a long time;

• it gives the opportunity to plan flexible the development of educational materials in time and space;

• it makes the training and practice as a single process.

The course consists of 7 modules: six theoretical and one practical, including training in the Netherlands and the training on the domestic (own) company.

Обучение дисциплинам каждого модуля координируют 2-3 преподавателя (голландские и российские преподаватели, прошедшие 4-х недельную стажировку в университете Вагенинген).


• Wageningen University professors;

• leading teachers of the Stavropol State Agrarian University.

Education disciplines of each module coordinate 2-3 teachers (Dutch and Russian teachers, past a 4 week internship at the University of Wageningen).

Program development AgriMBA makes it possible:

• to define and implement in practice a competitive advantage of your company;

• to choose a strategy of long-term stable growth of your agrobusiness;

• to learn the most effective methods recognized by the international practice and technology marketing;

• to improve the system of financial and management accounting in your company in accordance with international standards;

• to implement effective methods of authority delegation and responsibility in the management practices of the company.

The education completes with writing and defending of a research project on development and implementation of innovative technologies in specific industries.


After successful defense of the program, students receive AgriMBA:

• Diploma of Wageningen University (The Netherlands) – MBA (Master of Business Administration);

• certificate of the International Association of MBA in agrobusiness "AGRIMBA" (gives the right to find employment in the European agrobusiness);

• State Diploma (Russian Federation) about the completion of Master’s degree at Stavropol State Agrarian University in the training 080 200 - "Management."

English Language Teaching

The students mastering the AgriMBA program have the opportunity to learn English language additionally on the basis of specialized departments of the Stavropol State Agrarian University.

The full course costs are 80,000 rubles.