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Zootecnical Institute

In November 1929 was held Plenum of the CPSU (b), which noted that "the pace of the training of new staff does not pale in comparison with the rate of transformation of agriculture" and decided to develop a five-year plan of training, the construction of new buildings for students and restructuring of the existing network of institutes of the country. In accordance with the order of the Commissariat of Agriculture of the USSR № 232 the 1st of September 1930 at the Department of Sheep Breeding of Moscow Zootechnical Institute was opened Moscow Institute of Sheep Breeding.

The first director of The North Caucasian Zootecnical Institute was Victor Victorovich Victor ( 1930-1934).

In order to bring the institute to set up production facilities in accordance with the Council of People's Commissars the 28th of February 1932, the institution was transferred to the Stavropol on Caucasus.

The choice of the southern region was not accidental. Stavropol region gave about 40% of fine-wool coat and was the largest base of domestic sheep- breeding.

Flocks of Sheep in the Stavropol Region.

The unstitute was situated on the corner Nevinnomysskaya street (now Mira street) and Mitrofanovsky bystreet (now Zootechnical bystreet). It was called Training Institute of Sheep Training, Research and Production Complex. It consisted of sheep-breeding college, school management “Lesnye Kluchy” and farm N10. However, as an institution of sheep-breeding , our university has not been existed for a long time. This was the period of the liquidation of small institutions, co-called "dwarf" institutes. They were united in large institutions. Resolution of the Council of People's Commissars in 1933 attached to the institution of the North-Caucasian Institute of Pig -Breeding (Krasnodar) and department of Meat and Milk Cattle-Breeding of Taganrog Institute of Agriculture. The institute was renamed into North Caucasus Zootechnical Institute. In 1934-1935 the institute began training of zootechnicans. More than 800 students received their education at the institute.

In 1934 Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov (the first president at the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the Soviet Union) gave lectures. 

N. I. Vavilov (in the foreground) with students and lecturers of the institute, 1934. 

The first intake of students for training department, on specialty «zootechny» was in 1936.

The veterinary faculty was created in 1939 and the institute was renamed into Voroshilov zoo- veterinary institute (Stavropol had been called Voroshilov from 1935- 1943).

In 1940 started the Faculty of Agronomy.

Practical classes for students of Veterinarian Medicine started in 1940

Students of the Faculty of Agronomy in harvesting cabbage. Training farm 1940.