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Agriculture Institute

Agriculture Institute       

Stavropol Agriculture Institute was awarded with “XX years of virgin soil. 1954-1974” medal.

Students before departure for development of virgin and long-fallow soils of Kazakhstan in 1954.

“XX years of virgin soil. 1954-1974” medal.

In 1961 was founded faculty of economy and management of agriculture. In 1964 – plant protection faculty.

In 1964 for success in training of highly-qualified specialists, great researching and giving practical help collective and state farms Stavropol Agriculture Institute participated in All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of USSR Economy for a first time. It was a great honor. The achievements of the Institute were exhibited in “Education in USSR” section. The personnel of SAI got the highest award for the scientific findings adaptation to collective and state farms of our territory.

Great contemporaries were invited by the Institute. In 1964 students and educators welcomed Hero of the Soviet Union cosmonaut Valery Bikovsky. In 1966 japanese students delegation visited the Institute.

Hero of the Soviet Union V.P. Bikovsky.

Japanese students delegation during the visit in 1966.

In 70-80th the key points of the development of SAI were defined: implemention of computer-assisted education with application of technical resources, building of educational and laboratorial houses for faculties of mechanization and veterinary medicine, dormitories and sports center, etc.

Adaptation of technical resources in educative process, early 80th.

New dormitory.

In 1970 preparatory division was founded. It afforded possibilities for young workers, demobilized soldiers, specialists with the best practices but without higher education to enter the Institute. Filling up the knowledge gaps prepared people for successful entering and study.

In 1974 the faculty of farm electrification was founded. The first intake of students was 50 people. The growing requirement in electrical engineers for agrarian sector in 70th was the prerequisite.

The achievements of ASI were highly appreciated by USSR government: in 1976 the institute was awarded with “The Red Banner of Labour” Order in “For service in training of highly-qualified specialists, researching and the scientific findings adaptation to agricultural production” nomination and in 1980 – with Honorary Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of RSFSR.

The first secretary of Regional Committee invests with “The Red Banner of Labour” Order.

The Decree is about the decorating of the Institute with “The Red Banner of Labour” Order.

In 1984 was implemented the set of veterinary clinics, that consisted of educational and laboratorial houses, vivarium, stables, equestrian sport school and dormitory.