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Primary trade union organization of Stavropol SAU

Primary trade union organization of Stavropol SAU was created in 1930.

The trade committee of the employees includes 11 persons and 18 chairmen of departments’ subdivisions of trade union/

The main spheres of trade union activities are:

- trade law observation control, labour protection control, environment control;

- providing social and cultural guaranties of the employees;

- participation in corporate negotiation;

- the rights of employees, social and labour relationship protection, improvement of conditions of work;

- organization of rest and health care of the employees.

There are 10 boards in the trade union; each board is headed by the member of trade union of the university:

1. Social and labour affairs board.

2. Labour and environment protection board.

3. Arrangements board.

4. Housing board.

5. Information board.

6. Social insurance board.

7. Retirement benefit board.

8. Youth outreach board.

9. Mass-cultural board.

10. Sport and health care board.