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Trade union student organization of the University

Primary student trade union organization of Stavropol state agrarian university was established in 1970 to represent and protect the legitimate rights and socio-economic interests of the students. The work objective of the Trade Union Committee is to create conditions for comprehensive development and fulfill students’ potential, to set up their active life position.

The student trade union carries out its activities in the following areas: organization and improvement of the educational process, housing, welfare and medical care, control over public catering, sports and fitness activities, development of students ' science and so on.
For that purpose there have been established:
- the Educational Committee (assistance to the junior students in adaptation to studies at the university; control over their education, making decisions on the results of students’ progress);
- the Housing Committee (keeps an order in the hostels; distributes residential area for non-resident students);
- the Quality-control Committee (daily monitoring of the food quality in canteens and snack bars of the university; comparative analysis of the canteens at both our university and ones of the Stavropol city;
- the Cultural and Mass Committee;
- the Sports and Health Committee;
- the Editorial Board;
- the Public Relations and International Activity Committee
- the Information Committee and a press center (promotes students’ activities in trade unions and involves them to become its members);
- the Employment Bureau (makes treaties on cooperation, offers students a job and training abroad.

The student trade union committee supports cooperation with the Ministry of agriculture of the Stavropol Krai.