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University mission

The mission of the university: The Stavropol State Agrarian University aspires: to expand the boundaries of knowledge and learning, provide the training of graduates and professionals, to improve the quality of life of the population of the South of the Russian Federation and to aspire the preservation and enhancement of moral, cultural and scientific values of the society.

Vision SSAU: training, development and education of the individuals, capable of working anywhere in the world and showing their creativity in a variety of modern society. 

University values: quality, ethics, professionalism and creativity.

For us, quality means providing our customers with services that meet or exceed their expectations. Working on improving the quality of service is the main objective of each of our employees.

In our work we adhere to high ethical standards. We respect our customers, partners and employees as unique individuals with individual needs and aspirations.

We strive to use the world’s best technology and new developments in the field of education and human resource management. We welcome high personal responsibility of each employee. We welcome the openness and strive to enhance communication and information sharing.

We are creative, constantly generating new ideas. It is our constant source of energy, thanks to which we succeed.