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The Institute of Additional Professional Education

The Institute of Additional Professional Education (IAPE) was founded in March 2010. The Department of Professional Development and Professional Retraining, the Educational and Methodical Scientific Center, the Regional Educational and Methodological Center entered this structural subdivision of the University. It also includes the Center of Labor Protection and training center "Language Forum".

The main activities of the Institute are:

- preparation according to the shortened programs of higher education for those who has already had secondary professional or higher education or being trained in other institutes of higher education of Stavropol, Stavropol Region and the Russian Federation;

- training of listeners according to programs of additional professional and additional education, first of all advanced training and professional retraining of agro-industrial complex leaders and specialists of Stavropol Region, teachers from agrarian universities of Russia and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The Institute of Additional Professional Education also solves the following problems:

- identification of economy requirements in new specialties and qualifications;

- development and improvement of preparation programs and advanced training for specialists;

- quality management of educational programs realization of the higher and additional professional education;

- generalization and the latest experience distribution of educational process organization, methodological work, progressive forms and training methods;

- organization and holding scientific researches in the sphere of additional and additional professional education;

- scientific examination of programs, projects, development of guidelines in the spheres of additional and additional professional education;

- consultancy;

- designing and edition of methodological literature by specialization.

More than 4 thousand students were trained at the Institute of Additional Professional Education having used shortened programs of the higher professional education in 2012. Nearly 900 leaders and specialists of agro-industrial complex of Stavropol Region were trained according to the programs of additional professional education. 600 people were trained in the frame of the State duty which was defined by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation for the University.

The Institute also participates in organization of international cooperation in the training sphere for agriculture. Particularly, the staff of this structural division organizes the training of listeners according to the MBA program - "Master of Business Administration in the agrarian business" which is realized together with the lecturers of Wageningen University (Netherlands).