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Faculty of Agronomy

Agronomy Faculty was created in 1941. During this time thousands of professionals have been trained here. There are not only the leaders of all levels of agro-industrial complex and specialists of agricultural enterprises, but also famous scientists among the graduates of the faculty. People want to work in this field, to create new varieties of plants, plant gardens, gather rich crops of grain, vegetables and fruits. Each year the faculty receives more than 200 students. There are more than 1 400 students of internal and distant forms of education. The best students have got government grants.

There are 85 teaches: four of them are members of Russian Academy of Agricultural Science, 17 professors, 43 lecturers. 90 percent of the staff are graduates of the Faculty of Agronomy. Agriculture is the main direction of the faculty. Training is conducted according with the modern government standards of university education. Lecture halls and laboratories are equipped with modern audiences multimedia equipment.

In addition, the department has the second specialties: Land Registry, Municipal Cadastre, Land Management and Cadastre (bachelor and master), Confectionery, Foods of plant origin ( bachelor).

Well-known scientists V.M. Penchukov, L.N.Petrova, B.S. Sotchenko, B.G. Sichev, V.V.Ageev, I.P. Barabash, A.N.Voyskovoy, B.K. Drediger,G.R. Dorozshko,A.N. Esaulko, M.P. Zshukova, A.I. Podkolzin, V.S. Tskhovrebov work at the faculty.

The faculty uses new information technologies. Recently new specialized laboratories of agrochemical analysis and monitoring of soil cultivation technology of useful crops, the quality of grain , cadastre and land management, wine and beer were created. For these laboratories the university spent 50 million rubles. The laboratories offer classes, research and implement the orders of agricultural and municipal enterprises, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Stavropol Territory.

The practical training is very important for education of specialists. The basis of training and work experience is an educational and experimental farm of the University. The total area is over 9,000 hectares of land, including 3,000 hectares of arable land. On the basis of educational and experimental farm there are eight hospitals conducting the scientific work. The experience of the Department (37 years) included in the register of geographical network experiments with fertilizers and it is the property of the Russian agricultural science (diploma of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, No. 069 February 1, 2006) Our laboratories became the basis for scientific researches with our colleagues from the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of D.N. Pryanishnikov (academician Sichev V.G.) , department of soil of Moscow State University ( academician of RAAS Minaev V.G.) , Kuban Agricultural University(professor A. H. Sheudzchen, L.M.Onishenko, Don State Agrarian University ( professor Agafonov E.V.)

We have five scientific academy schools:

-breeding, seed production and technology of cultivation of field crops named F.I Bobrishev ( leader is Prof. Voyskovoy A.I.)

-modern system of agriculture based on the landscape (leaders are academic RAAS Penchukov V.M. and Prof. G.R. Dorozchko)

-soil formation and evolution of soils (supervisor is Prof. Tskhovrebov V.S.)

-theoretical and technological basis of geochemical fluxes of substances in agricultural landscapes saving ( leaders are Pfor. Ageev V.V. and Prof. Esaulko A.N.)

-technologies of cropping system management of nature (leaders are Academician RAAS Petrova L.N and Prof.Dridiger V.K.)

In 2009 a high-tech greenhouses and hothouse complex was built where we can grow vegetables according Dutch technology. Unique greenhouse ( total area is 650 square meters) equipped with an automatic control system, climate, drip irrigation, fertilizing plants with carbon dioxide. The first crop of cucumbers and tomatoes in our greenhouses was raised in 2010.

Students are the main value of the faculty. Our students are making good progress in their studies, science, sport and work. Last two years our students have won the grants in the “U.M.N.I.K”. program. Young scientists of the Department of Agricultural Chemistry and Plant Physiology have won the program “START”.

Our students have won only the first places in the competition of “Young Talents” and “Student Spring” from 2005 to 2012. Rector V.I.Trukhachev has spent 350,000 rubles for costumes of department artistic groups (folklore group “Lel,” folk dance group “Darya”, Caucasian and Oriental dance group, sport dance group “Experiment”, group of artistic expression and our famous choir which consists of 100 singers.


Students are good in sport. Some of our students are famous athletes. We are proud of Andrey Pavlenko who is Russian champion in weightlifting, Bejanyan David Mastro who is world-class athlete in weightlifting, Russian champion, European champion, world record holder in the clean and jerk at 230 m., Soldatkina Angelica who is honored master of sports, champion of Russia, European champion and world champion in the team event in acrobatics. There are volleyball , soccer and track teams which won a lot of university competitions.

A student group “Zabota” for 10 years looks after Stavropol orphanages No.12 named A.Zatsepina and “Rosinka”, boarding schools of villages Konstantinovskoe and Bazovy . We arrange for these children holidays, gifts, tea party and so on.

Our graduates are well placed for future work. They are proud of the glorious traditions of the university.

nowjl hybxnlp so.jpg            Esaulko Alexander Nikolaevich

Dean of the Faculties of Agronomy and Plant Protection,

Head of the Department of Agronomic Chemistry and Physiology of Plants

Academic rank: Professor

Academic degree: doctor of agricultural science