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Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Economics was established in 1961. Since its formation serious tasks of improving of teaching and highly competitive professionals, improving of the quality of teaching, strengthening and developing of the material and technical basis were solved. Today it is the faculty, which employs more than 2,000 full-time and part-time students. There is a brilliant academic teaching staff at the faculty - 12   Doctors of Economics and 69 Candidates of economic sciences, 9 assistant professors, 16 teaching assistants, 66 PhD students. There was created a modern educational resource base with the introduction of computer technologies, audio and video equipment by a SSAU rector's office headed by Professor V.I. Trukhachev.

The preparation in postgraduate studentship scientific personnel on the faculty is carried out. The contacts with schools in countries near and far abroad are growing, all-round tides with industries and business entities in the North Caucasian Federal District are growing strongly. Scientists and students are actively involved in international, Russian national, regional, university, faculty scientific conferences.

Over the past few years students have repeatedly triumphed in prestigious competitions: "My legislative initiative", "U.M.N.I.K.", "The Young about the Young", in contests and competitions held by the Union of economists and financiers, the Free Economic Society of Russia. As part of the grant programs of the European Union, more than 80 teachers were trained at universities in Europe and the best students got the opportunity to study in the Czech Republic and Germany. The first class teachers form Germany and Netherlands give annually lectures on the Faculty of Economics. The victory in the grant programs "Temrus Tacis" of the European Union "Erasmus Mundus"is a new milestone in the development of the faculty, able to change the world view, to find new approaches to improving the educational and research activities not only of the faculty, but also of the university as a whole.

The main areas of researches are the improvement of the organizational economic mechanism of a mixed economy in agriculture, cooperation and integration of its branches, the formation and development of modern management in agriculture, as well as restructuring of agricultural enterprises. In consequence of the implementation of the national project "Education" were established and operated four innovative scientific research laboratories: academic consultational information center (Head - Professor N.V. Bannikova); marketing research laboratory (Head - Associate Professor E.N. Belkina); laboratory of information and communication technologies (Head - Associate Professor V.P. Gerasimov); simulation center of management technologies (Head - Professor A. N. Baidakov). Thus, the teaching staff of the faculty meets a requirements of the high school and provides the carrying out of the research in various fields.

The Faculty partners are Russian State Agrarian University named after K.A. Timiryazev, Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, the Russian Academy of Economics named after G.V. Plekhanov, Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics, European Business School (Kaliningrad), Ulyanovsk State University (Russian-American faculty), Yaroslavl State University named after P.G. Demidov, Bashkir State Agrarian University, Omsk State Agrarian University, Samara Academy of Agriculture. Such cooperation contributes the further training of teachers and quality of education. Research works are carrying out to 28 complex themes.

Scientists of the faculty have certificates of authorship for informational registration of programmes for computer systems. Training and retraining of educational and research staff is made actively: in 2005–2009 4 Ph.D. dissertations and 58 masre’s dissertations are defended (professors О. N. Kusakina, P. А. Budko, N. V. Bannikova, YU. V. Vasilyev).

Teachers take part in different scientific and technical, research and methodical arrangements. However, faculty scientists represent their scientific achievements on different exhibitions: exhibition «Аrkhimed–2009», VIII–XI Moscow international exhibition of innovations and investments; The Week of high technologies in Saint-Petersburg, 3rd Biotechnological exhibition «RosBioTekh–2009». In 2008-2009 scientists of the department of applied information science are prized with gold, bronze medals and certificates of the first degree for high quality informational and consultory support of the agricultural sector of Stavropol Region on the Russian agricultural exhibition «Gold autumn» (Moscow).


There is a principle on the faculty when students do practical training in one and the same company during the whole educational period with the perspective of future employment assistance of graduate students in this company. Student scientifical conferences are made according to the results of the reports about manufacturing practice, as well as collections of scientific papers are published.

Use of modern computing and informational technologies plays the main role. The faculty staff use modern methodology of teaching and forms of educational process organization: e-books, training software programs; video lections and video conferences; system of control and training programs of knowledge test control, e-libraries in major subjects of any specialization; business games, business discussions.

Great attention is paid to moral building work. In 2005–2015 students claimed first places in university competitions: «Club of the Funny and Inventive», «Fresher’s bowl», «Student spring», «Young talents», «Ready-set-go, boys!», «Miss University» and others. Traditional competitions have become: spartakiada games «Sport against drugs», «Miss Faculty», «Gold autumn», «Panel discussion with war veterans», «Casual meeting», «Day of ideas», «Autumn meeting of economical faculty students», «Pancake Week», «Tatyana’s Day».


Interesting training, constant scientific search from student-times are guaranty of successful activity in different fields of region and country economy.

gsmitqzh.JPGKusakina Olga Nikolaevna

Dean of the Faculty of Economics

Head of the Department of economic theory and applied economics


Scientific honor: Professor

Scientific degree: Doctor of Economics