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Students of SSAU passed through the places of battles for the passes of the Caucasus

Mountain hikes occupy a special place among the traditional events of the "Memory Watch" in honor of the Great Victory Day. Tourists pass through the places of battles for the passes of the Caucasus, where fierce battles unfolded from the summer of 1942 to the autumn of 1943, the result of which was the defeat of parts of the German troops.

This year, seven activists of the Rassvet military sports club made a week-long hike in Arkhyz. Igor Lyashov, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Physical Education and Sports, acted as a guide and instructor.
The route of the hike, although severe and difficult, is beautiful and unique with its unusual beauty: the purest water in turbulent rivers, wild flowers, animals, mountain peaks and even bad weather - all these memories will remain with the participants forever.

“Such events, of course, help to strengthen the sense of pride and respect for the exploits of veterans. The policy of the administration of our university is always aimed not only at the professional training of future specialists, but also at introducing students to the historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of the region and the country, educating true patriots of their native land, - said the leader of the campaign Igor Lyashov.

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