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"Front Light" was held in SSAU

On May 4, after the rally, a “Front Light” was held at the Agrarian University, dedicated to the 78th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War.
For the eighth time in the most comfortable and secluded corner of the university, in the Winter Garden, home front workers, children of the war, labor veterans gathered for the long-awaited "Front Light". It was opened with speeches by Rector of the University Vladimir Sitnikov and Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Maidanov. They expressed their warmest feelings to the participants of this event, wishing them good spirits, optimism, health and long life, and congratulated them on the 78th anniversary of the Victory.
The organizer and host of the "Front Light" Chairman of the Council of Veterans of SSAU, Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy and History Nikolai Guzynin in his opening remarks noted that the Soviet people achieved victory over fascism by a long, sacrificial and heroic road in 1,418 days, and the sons of the Fatherland who hoisted the banner of Victory over the Reichstag, they left us a sacred covenant to live in peace and build the Motherland in such a way that it would be a historically successful and prosperous country, and this covenant the Russians, each in their workplace, must fulfill with their effective work. Then Vice-Rector for Academic and Educational Affairs Professor Ivan Atanov thanked the participants of the event for the contribution they made to the activities of the university and wished them family happiness, well-being and health on the eve of the great holiday.
Guests speaking at the Front Light, including Deputy Regional Council of Veterans Igor Gritsenko, retired Major General Valentin Maryin, Professor Nikolai Zlydnev, poet, member of the Union of Writers and Journalists of the Russian Federation Andrei Krupennikov, Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy and History, Honored Worker of Culture Russian Federation Vladimir Kurchev, Associate Professor Nina Chukhlebova, Associate Professor Tamara Bayda, expressed gratitude to the leadership of the university, the Council of Veterans and the trade union committee of SSAU for the care and attention to veterans, emphasized the great importance of educating student youth in the spirit of patriotism, expressed their warm support for the participants in the military special operation and confidence in the victory of the Russian army, as well as warmly and cordially congratulated each other on the upcoming Victory Day.
During the event, private owners of the "Frontovoye Ogonyok" were able to sincerely communicate with their old friends and comrades under the performances of the folk choir and creative teams of the Center for Aesthetic Education of Students under the direction of Ivan Maklakov.

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